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Alice Graphix is the quirky moniker of San Diego based scientist turned freelance creative Jen Klabis. At Alice Graphix we love creating unique & creative design solutions for people. With a focus on branding & print design, we have worked with various clients across the globe. We are always open to new & exciting projects for print, digital & everything in between. So feel free to drop us a line via the contact form below & tell us about your design ideas.

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Past Work
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- Logo Design
A successful logo design defines an individual, an organization, a service or a product. It should, and needs, to be able to say something upon a quick glance. It also needs to both creative and unique. We will work with you to create a fitting match for you through a series of questions and conversations, whether it is a symbolic or typographic logo or a unique mixture of both. After all we take as much pride in your logo as you do.

- Logo Correction
Have a logo that needs to be updated or repaired to fit your new brand image? We can recreate your logo and make all the necessary changes to make you fall in love with your logo all over again.

- Corporate Identity / Business System
Identity is everything, and is the first step in starting a business. A quality corporate identity gives your customers confidence in your business as it grows. Identity packages can involve your exiting logo, or we can create one that fits your needs. There are a number of options for your brand identity that can be as creative or as conservative as you like. We can also have your designs printed though one of our affiliated print houses.

- Branding Standards & Guidelines
In need of a detailed guide to help make sure your brand image stays consistent over all the different marketing mediums of today? Well look no further, we will work with you to create anything from a simple one page logo usage guide to a multi page guide that covers everything needed to help keep your brand identity unified.

Web Graphics
Let’s face it, the web isn’t going anywhere, so making your presence on the web is a must. How does your online profile look? We can work with you to create various styles of banner ads, header images, buttons, icons, etc. Pretty much everything you need, including blog and site layouts.

         - Banner Images
         - Web Ad  
         - Website Design/Layout
         - Newsletter Design
         - Microsites
         - vCards
         - Social Media Icons
         - Misc Icons

- Custom Facebook Tabs
First impressions count, especially on Facebook. Stand out the crowd by making your brand the first thing people see. Lure them in with a call to action, show off your business via a video, display your company logo or encourage signups to your mailing list. Every fan is a potential client.

         - Newsletter Sign-Up
         - Video Showcase 
         - Welcome Tab
         - Image Portfolio 

- Custom Twitter Profile
Twitter ranks high in search engines and receives over 600 million search queries daily. If you follow someone it is very likely they will glance over your profile page before deciding to follow you back. Therefore it is important your Twitter page has a strong branded design to provide the necessary information to help gain more followers.

Print Design
Did your family christmas card lack some luster last year? Have a great new product but no flyer to promote it? Let us work with you to create a one of a kind print design. We can work with you to create post cards, flyers, save-the-dates, posters, brochures, announcements, invitations, concerts posters and cd covers. We can even work with our affiliate print houses to get your product printed just the way you want it.

         - Invitations
         - Business Cards
         - Flyers 
         - Letterhead
         - Publication Design & Layout
         - Mailers
         - Brochures
         - Catalog Layout
         - Postcards
         - Book Cover Design
         - Posters
         - CD / DVD Covers
         - Print Ads
         - Stationary 
         - Annual Report Cover Design & Layout

Apparel Illustration
Have some crazy idea for a killer t-shirt graphic? Need a design for a school fundraiser or a local bar crawl? Look no further. We will work with you to create a one of a kind illustration, complete with vector files ready to go to the printer of your choice and a great photo-realistic mock-up image to show off.

Other Services
- Typography
- Photo Correction & Retouching
- Photo Manipulation
- Photo Restoration
- Illustration
- Digital Composition
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